1 – The Chamber Type Number

2 – The Push Rod Travel

3 – A Long Stroke Model

The BRAKE CHAMBER TOOL will quickly & easily identify an air brake chamber’s model number, from type 9 to type 36. When the chamber has two clamp rings, a long stroke unit may be identified with the 3-1/8”gage on the side of the tool. It can be used as a go-no go gauge, e.g. as long as it will fit between the two clamp rings it is a long stroke chamber

The engraved ruler on the pointer arm is for measuring the chamber’s push rod travel.

How to use instructions are included with each shipment

The basic tool model without the ruler will be phased out in early 2007 and only the ruler model will be available.

The leather carrying case is no longer available.

We are the sole source and the only manufacturer of this tool world wide. ( formerly called the chamber mate)

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